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Helicopter Games

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Helicopter Games


Looking for a helicopter rescue game with Helicopter Simulator for a Rescue Mission? Here is a rescue helicopter mission game Helicopter Games Rescue Helicopter Simulator Game with a Rescue Helicopter flying and rescuing the trapped civilians from snow storm, forest and sea. Helicopter Games Rescue Helicopter Simulator Game is the best Helicopter game for Rescue Mission. Background story of this Helicopter Games Rescue Helicopter Simulator Game: Flight Simulator Helicopter Games Rescue Helicopter Simulator Game starts with a need to rescue people from snow storm, forest and sea. And for the rescue of the trapped civilians in this rescue helicopter game we have our soldier back and ready to rescue the trapped civilians from the storm, forest and sea. Though helicopter flying game is not the specialty of our brave soldier but he would love the challenge of this rescue helicopter game. The helicopter flying game was never so much thrilling until this helicopter game arrived. Our soldier may also start loving the helicopter rescue game after playing this flying helicopter simulator game. What is this helicopter flying game of Emergency Team Rescue Mission all about? Flying games are interesting but helicopter flying game of Rescue Mission is in the league of the best flying games of Rescue Force. Heard of flying simulator helicopter rescue games before? Just know that this flying simulator game is all about a brave soldier in Rescue Force to visit different checkpoints to deliver supply, airlift the trapped civilians or safely land the rescue helicopter on the defined helipads. If yes then you will surely know that the flying simulator helicopter rescue games are all about rescue simulator visiting different checkpoints to deliver supply, airlift the trapped civilians or safely land the flying helicopter on the defined helipads. How to play this flying simulator game: 1. Once you launch this simulation game of rescue simulator, you need to select the level that you want to play in this flight simulator game. 2. When you start playing this rescue simulator, you’ll need to fly your helicopter with the controls. Use the joystick in the right bottom of the screen to make the helicopter go up or down. 3. To go forward or back in the air or right-left in this rescue simulator, just move the joystick in the left bottom of the screen in the required direction. 4. While you are playing this flight simulator, you need to avoid any collisions. 5. If you airlift the trapped civilians or drop the supplies successfully at the right place and within the given time, you will complete the level of Flight Simulator and go to the next one. Why choose this Flying Helicopter Rescue game over other flying games? This flight simulator is better over the other simulator flying games due to following salient features: 1. This flying simulation game is free! 2. This flying game is different from flying games. It is part of flying helicopter games that are being released by Kool Games. 2. Graphics are smooth and high quality in fly game to give you the best fly game while playing flying helicopter games! You will surely enjoy this fly game! 3. This flying simulation has a very entertaining music for your pleasure. 4. The sound effects in this flying simulation are very realistic and they keep you fully involved. 5. Its great fun to play these helicopter simulation games as the aim of simulation games is to get better and better until you have completed all helicopter simulation missions. Who should play this simulator helicopter game? Anybody who loves helicopter games and simulation games should play this great game. When to play the real simulator Helicopter games? Helicopter games and simulation games can be played at any time. Whenever you have free time just pull out your helicopter and enjoy playing this flying simulator. Don’t forget to rate our rescue simulator as we always try to bring you the best. Enjoy & Thank you!
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